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Aug 21, 2014


on June 23, 2012 Darren Rainey, 50, died while incarcerated at the Dade Correctional Institution. he was serving a 2-year sentence for a victimless crime. at the time of his death, he had only one month to go before his release. Rainey, who suffered from mental illness, was accused of defecating in his cell without cleaning it up. the Florida’s Department of Corrections often comes up with cruel and imaginative punishments for prisoners — allegedly ranging from starvation diets to forcing prisoners to fight so the guards could place bets. Rainey’s punishment was to stand confined in a narrow chamber, being blasted with hot water and steam, and left to suffer there for over one hour. when Rainey’s body was found, his skin was cooked to the point where it was coming loose from his body, a condition known as slippage. the facility then did its best to cover up the death. sources say that it was alleged that Rainey had a heart attack, yet DOC refused to perform an autopsy. the official cause of death has never been announced. conveniently, the camera outside the shower “malfunctioned” right after Rainey was forced in. the Rainey investigation has remained open since 2012, with no explanation about why it has taken so long. no one has been charged with the death of Darren Rainey.




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You don’t owe people the person you used to be. You don’t have to talk to people who are speaking to the old you. If they want to drag old you out, and you’ve already left that person behind, they don’t get to talk to you. When you’ve gone from weakness to strength, you don’t owe a show of your former self to someone who just can’t wrap their head around your change.
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seven-year-old Aiyana Jones fell asleep on the couch while watching TV and never woke up. during the night, police threw a flash grenade into the house near where the child slept and raided the home. questions remain about whether the shot that killed Aiyana was fired from outside or inside the home, but all sides agree: while breaking into the home, a police officer on the scene opened fire and killed Aiyana. neighbors reported that they tried to warn officers that there were children inside the home before they conducted their raid on May 16, 2010


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#HustleBowTie on Karmaloop? Yas! In the meantime, buy the *NEW* Fade to Black colorway NOW on!

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on October 3, 2009 unarmed Victor Steen was struck and killed by the cruiser of a Pensacola police officer while riding his bicycle in the Brownsville neighborhood of Pensacola. the officer claims to have spotted Steen at an empty construction site and attempted to stop him for questioning. according to the officer, Steen fled the area. the officer then pursued Steen in his cruiser and fired a taser weapon from the window of the moving car. the chase ended when Steen was struck by the cruiser and dragged until the cruiser came to a stop at a median in an empty parking lot. Steen was pronounced dead at the scene. in the days after the incident, the officer was placed on paid administrative leave, per department policy. on October 13, he returned to plain-clothes duty doing administrative work for the department’s patrol division.


WE ARE HERE BECAUSE OF RACE. PERIOD. FACE THAT FACT. BECOME ONE WITH IT. AND IF YOU ARE OK WITH THAT. FIGHT ON. Cause im sorry, there is a reason why my shirt says what it does. They not killing yall. THEY KILLING US. Fight along with us. BUT KNOW THAT WE ARE WHO YOU ARE FIGHTING WITH.

Thats hate. Feel that shit. Thats what we deal with everyday. Unfounded HATE. The fear of being MURDERED AT ANY POINT AND TIME CAUSE OF HATE. Thats deep. Its scary. And its a fear you dont have to experience. Understand that AS WELL. Thank you for all of your love and support, but just be real about what this is.

Yall standing in the crowds protesting with us literally saved our lives out here. THATS NOT A GOOD THING. Because if those white folks and children werent scattered around with us…WE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN BLOWN TO BITS. THAT SHIT. Is hate. The fact that folks like Vice can go around after hours taping has nothing to do with press…And everything to do with their skin. THATS THE SAD FACT.

This aint me scolding any of you. This is me saying, FUCK THAT EQUALITY TALK UNTIL ITS EQUAL. Fight because ITS NOT EQUAL. We not the same. FIGHT TO MAKE US THAT. Our playing fields aint leveled. Know that, and fight to CHANGE IT.

Sorry yall, that shit was on my soul. This is where change starts.

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